Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter blahs.....

So I got a harassing email from my sister yesterday about my lack of updates. Well, there's nothing to update. We are suffering from the winter blahs. We've had our little snow and now we're ready to move on to Spring.
Anway, so I started looking at pictures in my computer and came across these...our last trip to Hilton Head. If I didn't have the blahs before....I do now! The kids look so little! I think this is our favorite place to go. And here are a few reasons why.......

Now you all know how much Park loves to swim....well T loves to collect wild life. I remember on this trip some crabs were hatching and they were everywhere!! Including in our condo. He brought the bucket in FULL of sand and crabs. Nice. Yes folks, that's a shark. The kid caught a shark. Actually, let me explain...there were some guys fishing and "they" caught the shark and let it go so T came along w/ his bucket and snatched him up. I'm sure he died a horrible death....T beat that thing to death. And yes, he is standing in the room w/ it. Ugh.
We always stay over by South Beach and I love to go to the boardwalk and see the boats, sometimes a dolphin or two, and let the kids play on the playground.

Do I even need to say anything? Ahhhhh....

It's always a treat when that sweet clown is there to paint faces. Here is the black Spiderman and Miss Fairy. Park wanted flowers & butterflies on her arm and she put jewelry on for her too!

I love this picture. (Don't be alarmed, we got them back to the room before the downpour began!)
We didn't get to go this past summer so my heart is especially aching for a beach trip. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!
(There Jamie Kate...are you happy now?)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A snow day? A real live snow day where they call school off??? Yippeee!
Yesterday was MLK day so we were home anyway...this is a treat. T's having a full fledge vacation. You know Jimmy took him to KY on Thurs. and it was 6 degrees Friday morning so we all just took a day off...Lucky kid.
Anyway, back to this morning. When I was a kid I remember waking up to total silence, no cars going by or sounds of delivery trucks...I would jump up and run for the window. SNOW! It was so sweet to hear my kids walking down the stairs this morning and hearing the excitement in their voices as they saw everything was totally white.
(Again, it's pretty pitiful, but we were thrilled with it!!)

This was the view out the front door.....And these are our sweet neighbors Nathan and John with the kids....
PS...the little one in the front is almost a full year older than Parker!!!!

Well, this has been fun... but I'm not going to shed any tears when I drop them off at school tomorrow!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day!!!!

Yeah!!! Finally some snow in East Tennessee! I mean it's pretty pitiful, but when you've gone without for so doesn't take much to get you excited.
Notice we're playing mostly in the flower bed as it's the only place it's accumulating.
Yummy. Who needs needs ice cream???

UUggghhh. A mulch snow angel. I know....boys.

An angel by an angel. At least she moved into the grass.

But, it was still wet and cold!!!

T was all about some snow balls. And as soon as I snapped the picture, this one landed right in my face. He did not receive the reaction he hoped for!!!!

Aren't they precious? He nailed her right in the forehead as soon as he dropped his smile.
They love each other!!!!
Now they're praying it does this all night so we get another day off!!!!!!!
Well, the day started off pretty yucky (well checks at the doctor) and got considerably better!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dancing with Cinderella....

I don't think I've mentioned enough what a wonderful daddy my husband is. And to prove it, I'm showing you pictures of him doing ballet with his baby girl......

This picture would be so much sweeter if they looked at all alike. Ha, ha.

Now for the funny part.....
We start with a little stretching, not so easy for ole' dad.

Ha, I was cracking up when I saw her do this....she is making sure daddy is on his dot. It's very important to stay on your dot or you could bump into someone else and have an accident.

Sooooo sweet!! Brother was a little jealous he was missing this!

Isn't she precious. I'm sorry, I know I say it to much...I just can't help it.

Now here Jimmy is trying to tell Parker what to do. BIG mistake! She knows what to do, and doesn't at all appreciate being told by a BOY- how to do Her ballet! I didn't catch the shake off she put on him.

This is Parkers little friend Amelia. They're in the same class at school together too.
They're adorable together.
And I just noticed that Daddy put Parks tutu on upside-down....ooops!

Gotta get some daddy lovin'!

Perfect! Parker is very serious about this stuff. There's a little girl in the class who absolutely does not want to take ballet and every week she has fits and runs all around the room. (We can see from the lobby on a monitor.) Anyway, when the class first started Park would run after her and take her hand and lead her back to her dot. Now she just shakes her head and watches her.

On to some tapping.

She's pretty impressed with dads foot work!!

Then she wanted me to come out and do some steppin w/ her. Check out how serious she is. (How do you like the glare I'm puttin' off w/ my running I run.)
Ok.....mute the music (all the way @ the bottom) wipe away your tears...
and watch the Prima-Ballerina........
Miss Parker Elise Dunn:

I just had to put this next one on here. The girl to the right of Parker is Abby, or Lava girl as she fondly refers to her. (She says it's b/c she runs around all the time) Ms. Sheena is asking them what color dress they want to wear to the ball and Abby starts "misbehaving" so Park is giving her the eye!!! Soooo funny!

Just wanted to Thank my mom and dad soooooo much. They're the reason Parker has been able to be a ballerina!!! XOXO!


Can you believe that after my rant last night I actually got up this morning and tried it again. AND IT WORKED?? I'm shocked. Looks like today's gonna be a good day!!
Jimmy took T to KY today to watch them drill so Park and I are having a "girl day". She wants to paint fingers and toes, make her hair blonder (not), put makeup on,and go to the mall to buy a new her princess nightgown. Oh, and I almost lots of ice cream with chocolate bars.
I'm afraid there'll be no time for downloading pictures. But at least it's ready for me!! Yeah!
Hope your day is as good as mine's started!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog snob...

It's official. I'm a blog snob. The site that supplies me with my "so cute" backgrounds is having trouble w/ its server. Meanwhile, I can't get any backgrounds to work except this companies. I've tried several different sites A MILLION different times and can't get it to work. Meanwhile we had Father Daughter day at dance class and I can't post the pictures b/c my space looks ghetto!!!!!! Like my old phone I'm having to carry b/c the McDonalds lady spilled a drink in my lap and ruined my new one. And did I mention that I also backed out of the garage and hit my mirror on the house and shattered it? What do you think? Maybe the Lord is testing me? It's all in how you handle it, right? Obviously I need some work in the handling department. "Jesus bring the rain." :) I'm learnin'!! Like these have been my biggest problems over the last year. Ha, ha. God's still just tryin' to get me where I need to be. But, I've always been a late bloomer, right Mom?
I just re-read this and it sound like I'm a little tipsy. I'm not I promise. Just a little....reflective. (Plus it's 11:30pm and I've been working on this blog for the last hour & 1/ may as well be 3am as far as I'm concerned!!)
Check with me later, I've quit being a snob about alot of other things lately. Maybe I can let go of this one too!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One more Christmas and a Birthday!!

Merry Christmas from Jake....poor thing, Jamie lives to torment this dog.
So the weekend after New Years it was finally time to finish up Christmas. My kids live quite a life in December. Their Christmas time starts in mid Dec. and finally comes to a close after the new year.

First we start the evening out with a little chili and coloring.
Then on to the festivities.....

Yes, Jesse got T a head Survivor man. Actually I should thank Leslie, she bought Jesse one and he knew T would be jealous.
Jamie was a hit with the bionic trash can for the parents....suck up.
For those of you that know my precious husband you probably know about the great love he has for Joe Pa. Jess and Leslie were at Penn State and took a picture of the statue outside the stadium and had it framed. This is him after he wiped his tears away.

Outside to tryout the new outdoor lighting.
Now it's time for the Birthday Party...

Grandmommy had a birthday on the 28th (that I totally forgot about and didn't even call) so we celebrated with some cupcakes....Parker picked-out.

Some lovin' from the g-parents.

I was helping the kids w/ their gifts and didn't get many pictures of what they got, but this is one of Parks very favorites....a new TinkerBell nightgown. A little saucy for my baby girl, I think, but she adores it!!!
FINALLY, Christmas is over. Now let's get on with Valentines. Ha, Ha.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ringin' in the New Year.....

We started the evening with some new friends from church, the Brogan, and the Moore's and ended up with our old faithfuls....the Johnsons. (It's funny we've only been friends with them for about 5 monthes but it seems like most of our lives.....hmmm)
Here's Park hangin' with her little buddy, Elizabeth Grace. She is hilarious....I could fill up pages of funny stories about this child but it's to late and we have a 9am Chuckie Cheese date planned so I have to get to bed! I will say this, she is her mama's little girl. Ha.
T was AWESOME that night. He is watching the older girls play Wii bowling and giving them pointers.
This is Mr. Brogan....he slaved away in the kitchen making fresh waffles and chantilly cream for our 10pm breakfast. And oh how yummy they were!!!

This is me w/ Tracie Moore and Dee Dee Brogan. We had some kinda fun!!!! The men
were cooking and we were suckin' down Mimosa's and taking pictures of ourselves.
Tracie's husband Jack (whose back you see in the picture w/ the FBI
and will be a sniper for the inauguration of B.O....His father told him "Son, you're either
really good, or really bad. Ha ha)
T patiently waiting to play baseball. Did I mention how good he was that night?
When we left there we went to the Johnsons to drink some black champagne...don't ask,
and ring in the new year while watching car and motorcycle stunts in Vegas.... Just livin'
the dream we are!!! (I accidentally left my camera in the car, you'll have to take my word
for it, we had fun!)
The next day Mom, Dad, Jamie.............and the Johnsons, all came over to watch 14 hours of continuous football and eat the Cuban new year beans and rice w/ ham. (thanks mom)
Mr. Johnson, sleeping.

Again, praising the Lord for the DSL.
The kids were good here too, stayed upstairs most of the time, playing Orphan. Again,
don't ask. But occasionally they came down to love on the cutest baby girl in the South.
Mr. Johnson and Cooper J, sleeping.

Oh, so sweet those two.

Hutton sitting on Mr. Johnson, sleeping.

Precious little pink all ready for bed. What an exciting Holiday break we've had!!
Now let's go to bed.