Sunday, January 31, 2010

WAZ UP??????

Hahaha!! I'm quite sure you've all given up on me, since it's been what??? SIX MONTHES??? Yikes! My how time flies!

Well, let's see what's been going on since August:
Parker and Taylor started school...T's in 1st grade and doing well, played flag again this fall and was a flag pullin' machine (if you caught him on a good day!), is not a fan of offense AT ALL! He's still cute as a bug and crazy as a loon!!

Park started her first year at CAK, finally!!! She loves it! Made some sweet little friends and has a great teacher. (That's us on the 1st day...she actually told me to hit the road! T would still let me sit in class w/ him if I wanted to!!)

Jimmy and I went to a UT game with some friends.... don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your computer. I am actually wearing orange. It was a joke for a friend. I was a big hit with all the frat girls though!
Here's T chillin' with his friends after a baseball game birthday party...
He didn't do to some of his dad's mad skills!!

And Park is the socialite of the century, here's her with Mattie and Jillian after school one day:

And decked out with Briley.....

Oh, I almost forgot...she became a soccer star this year!!!!
These are from her first practice:

Think she ended up with like 20 or so goals...haha!
Man, things are good right now. God has carried us in his right hand through a couple of hard years and we are reaping the benefit of faithfulness!!
Jimmy got a new job doing what he loves...looking for oil and making deals. It's SO good to see him enjoying work again!
And me, I'm the same, doing laundry, dishes, ironing, yelling, driving, yelling, cooking (I mean, heating up), yelling, helping w/ homework, yelling, having lunch with get the picture. We're good!!!
Well, maybe I'll be back before another six monthes goes by! I've got some great Christmas pics to download let's see how long that takes!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life's A Beach...

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing couple of weeks we had! Last year we didn't get to take a vacation, so this year God has blessed us triple time!!
It all started the 2nd week in July. Some of our dear friends had a house in Hilton Head and insisted that we join them. I'm SO glad we did!
Take a look at the best part:
We didn't tell the kids anything about it and at 5am we went in and woke them up and told them we were going to the beach...RIGHT NOW!

They were so very excited....however, were not happy about the flashing camera.

On our way!

Until...FINALLY we got there!

Park and Elizabeth Grace were in their suits before we were all out of the car!

They were also the first ones to bed!

Waiting!! Our first trip out to the beach.... I love it!

OK, I've always loved taking pictures and I mentioned earlier that Polka Dot gave me her pro camera to take. Well, this was my first "pro" picture. I'm hooked. If anyone would like to donate to the Get April a New Camera Fund I'll take your first photo for free!! Ha!

(Here's my 2nd one....UGH! PRECIOUS!)

Off to Marley's for some ice cream. Here's Taylor practicing his multi-tasking.

Don't worry about this one wasting one last drop!

And then passing out!

Our sweet friends Jim & DeeDee Brogan. They look a little like they just got caught, don't they!!!

Dad doing a little business before he heads out to the golf course.

This is the happiest these guys were all week. Off for a 7.5 hour round of golf. J, you still owe me for this one!! Especially because I had to go...

CRABBING! But at least I got to see this smile! You know T was in heaven!

We had a couple of bites but didn't catch anything. There's always next time! (While I'm at the Spa for 7.5 hrs!)

Here we have # 3 in my favorite pics...I want this in black & white! She looks like a child from the depression!

MORE ice cream, we headed over to Sea Pines for some favorite spots!

Look at those sweet little dirty feet!

Parker's stylin" on the way for some evening beach time. Everyone else took a trip to Savannah and we stayed back...

Thankgoodness we did because T hit the jackpot with wildlife. He found sandollars and starfish, he even picked up a cool shell and later that night we saw it walking around...hermit crab!
He even got P helping him!

T was a natural on the board.

Park was not. She busted her tail feathers!!

Do you think this kid is tired??? Ha!
The last day we were there we went down and took some fancy pictures...

At Last...they got to get IN!!!

Our last afternoon out...we made T say goodbye to all his creatures.
Mary Caroline helped (I LOVE this girl!)....they got them all lined up!
I just put this picture in here for fun...Jimmy is photo-impaired. He always gets the scenery and the people are just accessories! (I do love you though honey!)

On the way home we crossed paths with Mama & Papa, on their way to Charleston!

After we got home, T learned to ride his about and hour. (peer pressure, all the older kids at the beach were riding.)

This was 3 weeks ago...he's now flying down the driveway and standing up. Just getting ready for the X Games!! Boo!
We pulled out the slip-n-slide.

And, Mimi Kate came for a visit.
THEN, it was time to leave for the beach again!
My Aunt and Uncle were in Destin so we freeloaded on them too! Daddy had to work though so it was just me & the kids.
I had forgotten how white the beaches are and how clear the water is!
This is my big tough cousin Evan (Heaven to Park) sporting the pink float...I'm saving this for blackmail!
The next morning P woke up with a...
BLACK EYE! Little fall from the bed. UGH! She's my accident prone one. I always thought it would be the boy...
This was the view from our bedroom balcony......aaaaahhhhhh.

I thought it would be sweet to take all the kids picture on the beach for my grandfather's Christmas present...we had to improvise with the blackeye!

And here's me with my babies....I only put this in here to prove that I was actually there!!! I always tell Jimmy, if I die the kids won't know what I look like because I'm always the one taking the pictures!!!

This is 10 minutes after we got on the road headed home.

Whew! I started this at 11am, it is now 5:09 and I'm done. I've now found a down side to the awesome camera. To many pictures to choose from AND better quality takes LONGER!

I'm now going to spend some time with my family!!!

PS I do realize there are way to many try to pick from 660!!!