Monday, September 29, 2008

Ballerina Friends...

Isn't that a beautiful picture?? And I took it!! Watch out Polka Dot we may have rival photo studios coming soon.....

So last week was bring a friend day at dance class so Park asked her friend Mattie to skip school and go to dance class with her. They had the BEST time!! Here are the girls on the way:

This is Miss Paige and Miss Sheena with the future prima

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where do I begin??

Man, this month has just passed me by. I've been getting harrassment from not updating in so long. I didn't think anyone actually looked at this it's pressure! Well, I'm sorry it's been so long. I've had a computer gliche and Mr. Fix-It (aka my daddy) had to come work his magic....and he did. So I'm back in business!

Just a quick update on some things we've done this month....

Parker took a nap. That's monumental, she hasn't done that since she was one. I mean 15 minutes in the truck while we're waiting to pick-up brother doesn't count. This was a real, sure enough, 2 hour nap...sitting straight up while wearing a dress and a bow. She is a priss!!

And this is the priss's 2nd first day of school. The new school was not doin' it for Park. One day she came home and said "I'm all done Wiss Gennies class, I want to go back to church." I felt like 3 was too young to teach a life lesson so I said okay. So here she is on her first day in Wiss Sally's class. I don't think she's gonna want to go anywhere after she met this one. She's a gem!!!

Such a handsome kid!!!!
Taylors friend Mason had his b-day party at the bowling alley...cosmic bowling! Super fun!

Okay, it's late and I'm recovering my kitchen chairs.......FINALLY, YEAH!!! and I've been standing up this whole time. I've got more but you'll have to stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a weekend...

This is going to take awhile so get comfy and enjoy the photos...

It all started with the kick-off of CAK football, our first home game. And the first of many, I hope, Cosey-Dunn-Johnson-Sapp tailgate parties. Yes, I realize we're tailgating at the high school games and we only have Kindergarteners but, why not start early? We had the best time.
My sweet friend Jill supplied the pictures, I honestly think she loves my Taylor (almost) as much as I do. And I'm sure she understands him more!! Ha. Thanks girl!!

Look at that could you not love him?

A Big Bunch of Trouble!! Reagan, Parker, Collin, Park, Mimi (she watches out for Taylor) and T

An older version of Big Bunch of one little one! Kat Cosey, Karen Sapp, Me & Park, The Warrior and Jill Johnson or as I call her "Mother of the year"! She's actually got me cooking...sort of.

Saturday we celebrated my dad's birthday...with a SpongeBob cake and a WebCam visit with Jesse in Iraq. It was so good to see his face, only it looked very tired being that it was 2a.m. for him. And he was wearing a Michigan t-shirt...whatever. Still it was a blessing for us to see him and for him to see all of us. I wish I had set up a camera to get a pic of all of us crammed in so he could see us!

Then there was the trip to the lake...Taylor and Mason had a great day in Sunday School so as a reward we all went to the lake. I wish they'd be good more often, I had as much fun as they did!!

Here we go........................................

We found this great little island and the kids got out and played and ran and screamed and found a frog and a dead fish... pictured here with Taylor D., Mason, and Taylor C.

Taylor did a little treasure hunting on his own and came back with a Mountain Dew bottle, a corn cobb, some shells and some kind of huge nut. At least he cleaned up a little!


Last but not least, Labor Day kicked off the first day of flag football. We went to the pool earlier in the day, bad idea, and Taylor ended up falling asleep before practice. He had a bit of a time getting into the groove but once he did he had a great time!! He's on a team with his BFF Mason and his dad Tony and Jimmy are coaching together so it'll be fun!

Ready on defense!!!!!

No way anyone's getting past the kid in the red.
Looks like he might be a linebacker......

This is what the baby sisters do..... when they're not running onto the field to talk to daddy.
Huddle up guys... GO JAGUARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Go VOLS......... Ouch, that UCLA loss had to hurt!