Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is Happiness...

Sit back and relax folks, this is going to be a long one!

Those of you reading this know that it's been a rough couple of years for our family, so this week was truely a blessing!! My very best friend Shenoa (I say that b/c she's known me for almost 20 years and is still my friend despite!) asked us to go to her families beach house in Hilton kids FAVORITE place in the world. So even though their spring break was the week before, and Taylor missed the week before that with strep....we went. And this, what you're about to see, this part is called "Happiness"...

Oh how I've missed this moment. After a long day on the beach we get all cleaned up and take these rosey cheeked little ones out for dinner and ice cream!

This is the first day out. The beach was a little chilly so we stayed up by the club and the kids dug trenches, built sand castles, and yes....rode on Taylor like he was a donkey.

Landon had to get in on that action!!

So sweet!!!!!

Classic hu? The boys are annoyed at another picture b/c they want to run and pick up "stuff" and Park is tickled to show her hula skills!!

I can't believe they got in this water. We had great weather, but this water was COLD!

And there's the "stuff". Apparently it was sandollar season and Taylor found about 20...I didn't know they were alive....ugh. Another thing to kill. And he did. Then over night he had an attack of concience (sorry if I spelled this wrong, I'm to lazy to look it up.) and decided from now on he was going to let things live. Nice.

On the way to South Beach for some yummy ice cream....

Wow, I can't believe we're this old....we'll leave it at that...with kids. I'll have to say we talked a lot about the good ole' days when all we did was lay in the sun and read magazines, no worries of a kid running off or bugging other people!

There's that ice cream. Of course Park has to get the stuff that has 18 different food colors so she can wipe it all over herself!

And here's the "big play ground". This is one of the things that keeps parents coming back here. You can actually sit down and rest for a while!! This was our morning stop. Ride the bikes over, grab a cup of coffee and relax. Why don't we live there again????????

HEAVY LOAD!!! This was my workout. You can make the resistance as easy as you like but with 90 lbs on the're burnin' some calories!!!!

I took Taylor down to the beach and the little ones stayed here w/ Shenoa. A few minutes later here she comes with them saying she caught them layin there talkin about kissing. UGH. I knew I'd have to watch out for those McGuffin boys but, at 4???? Of course Park isn't showing much resistance. Ha!

This makes me nuts. Never in all my like have I enjoyed rolling in the sand. He's probably still got the stuff in his crack!!!

Park layed down w/ Shenoa & I to get some sun and fell fast asleep....
The little lady even kept her legs crossed!!

This was our last morning at the playground and we walked around the Harbor, Taylor asked if we could buy a boat like this.... Keep dreamin' buddy!
We had such a great time!! BUT, we sure did miss daddy! Park woke me up the day we left and asked if we could go get daddy and come back. I hope we make it back soon!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm back!!

Whew! That birthday stuff really really wore me out!! I still haven't gotten the ballet party pics from my personal photographer (my friend Jill) I'll put them on as soon as I get them!
So here's what's been going on w/ us for the last week or so:

Parker's officially a big girl, she can wear a towel on her head after bathtime!

Hutton button and her mama came over and hung out one rainy day. (We really had more fun than it looks like!!)

Button fell in love with Marco the Marshall Mascot......I wish I caught a video it was hilarious!

Parker had her friend Amelia over after dance last week for a playdate. Oh, the fun they had! (Darn that girl closing her eyes!!!)

And finally, Taylor has been as sick as the poor kid has EVER BEEN IN HIS LIFE. Seriously!
After 3 days of complete agony, the strep test that we took on Sunday (and came back negative) today came back positive. He's not eaten in 3 days and has lost 4 lbs!!!! I know this b/c we took him back to the doctor today to tell them this can't be a virus, it's not getting better. And like I said, they cld about 2 hrs after we got home to tell us that the culture was actually positive. UGH!
This is the collection of drinks he's gathered on the bedside table for when he can swallow! Pitiful little thing, every once in a while he walks in the kitchen, grabs another drink.
Well, I hope I have better stuff to report next week...we're on Spring Break!! We could sure use a BREAK!!!