Sunday, January 31, 2010

WAZ UP??????

Hahaha!! I'm quite sure you've all given up on me, since it's been what??? SIX MONTHES??? Yikes! My how time flies!

Well, let's see what's been going on since August:
Parker and Taylor started school...T's in 1st grade and doing well, played flag again this fall and was a flag pullin' machine (if you caught him on a good day!), is not a fan of offense AT ALL! He's still cute as a bug and crazy as a loon!!

Park started her first year at CAK, finally!!! She loves it! Made some sweet little friends and has a great teacher. (That's us on the 1st day...she actually told me to hit the road! T would still let me sit in class w/ him if I wanted to!!)

Jimmy and I went to a UT game with some friends.... don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your computer. I am actually wearing orange. It was a joke for a friend. I was a big hit with all the frat girls though!
Here's T chillin' with his friends after a baseball game birthday party...
He didn't do to some of his dad's mad skills!!

And Park is the socialite of the century, here's her with Mattie and Jillian after school one day:

And decked out with Briley.....

Oh, I almost forgot...she became a soccer star this year!!!!
These are from her first practice:

Think she ended up with like 20 or so goals...haha!
Man, things are good right now. God has carried us in his right hand through a couple of hard years and we are reaping the benefit of faithfulness!!
Jimmy got a new job doing what he loves...looking for oil and making deals. It's SO good to see him enjoying work again!
And me, I'm the same, doing laundry, dishes, ironing, yelling, driving, yelling, cooking (I mean, heating up), yelling, helping w/ homework, yelling, having lunch with get the picture. We're good!!!
Well, maybe I'll be back before another six monthes goes by! I've got some great Christmas pics to download let's see how long that takes!!